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關於 AD (Active Directory) / LDAP 開發的相關資訊

之前因為一個案子需要用到 AD 的開發,看的不少資料,有需要存取 AD 中的資料時可以看看這些文件。


Howto: (Almost) Everything In Active Directory via C#

以下關於 AD (Active Directory) / LDAP 的相關資訊


    System.DirectoryServices 入門

    使用 System.DirectoryServices 搜尋 Active Directory

    System.DirectoryServices 命名空間

    DirectoryEntry 類別

    DirectorySearcher 類別


    Active Directory and .NET

    Active Directory Technology Backgrounder

    Using Active Directory In ASP.NET - Dump Schema Information

    Using Active Directory In ASP.NET - Enumerate Active Directory Users

    Wrapper API for using Microsoft Active Directory Services

    Querying Microsoft Active Directory Using Microsoft .NET Framework Library

    LDAP Libraries for C# - 給C#用的LDAP Librayies,由Novell提供的

    Project: LDAP Libraries for C#

    LDAP, IIS and WinNT Directory Services

    Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Application Mode

    Introduction to System.DirectoryServices, Part 1

    Introduction to System.DirectoryServices, Part 2