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介紹好用元件:Smart Thread Pool

採用 .Net Framework 內建的 ThreadPool 雖然也不錯用,但若真的實際用來開發時,就會發現有許多使用情境會導致程式碼過於複雜、不容易閱讀。最近發現 Smart Thread Pool 似乎蠻不錯用的,如果你的程式有多份工作需要同步執行,而又不考慮程式執行的先後順序時,是可以考慮使用 Smart Thread Pool 來開發多執行緒程式。

Smart Thread Pool 元件的特性有:

  • The number of threads dynamically changes according to the workload on the threads in the pool.
  • Work items can return a value.
  • A work item can be cancelled if it hasn't been executed yet.
  • The caller thread's context is used when the work item is executed (limited).
  • Usage of minimum number of Win32 event handles, so the handle count of the application won't explode.
  • The caller can wait for multiple or all the work items to complete.
  • Work item can have a PostExecute callback, which is called as soon the work item is completed.
  • The state object, that accompanies the work item, can be disposed automatically.
  • Work item exceptions are sent back to the caller.
  • Work items have priority.
  • Work items group.
  • The caller can suspend the start of a thread pool and work items group.
  • Threads have priority.

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